Pokémon communities: A look as to why this blasted trend is still around and still strong


By Thomas Smith

The information is outdated. The breaking news is old history. The spoilers now rest in common knowledge. Upon writing this essay half a year ago, I knew that the information content I was analyzing and processing would be out of date in six months, eight weeks, or heck, maybe two days.

The themes? Still applicable (for now). As expected.

This interactive essay/blog serves as a snapshot, a glimpse into a time when new content information was released and heavily shared (and a peek into a period where I believed tumblr was an appropriate medium for an interactive, academic blog). It provides a look into the processes, actions, and exchanges in the Pokémon Community pre- and post- release of new games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. While the themes and theories of online gaming communication are overarching, the fulfillment and practices upholding them are ever-changing, shaped by the inflow and outflow of new information. Where this essay serves as a slice out of history, unaltered and unedited since its creation, it leaves the option for future exploration and longitudinal study.

Enter the essay here.

(Written for Youth Cultures in a Transnational Context)