The Soundtrack to My Life: A Deep, Funky, and Uber Geil Odyssey into the Dance Music Scenes of Amsterdam and Berlin


By Krabin

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” – Albert Einstein

Day 7,348 of existence. Vinyl spinning. Bass thumping. Snare and kick drums pounding. Cymbals sounding tsssss tsssss tssssss. Body swaying. Sweat dripping. Whooooosh. A train passes by, horns blaring. “9-1-1, I think I’m having an overdose…okay, an overdose of what…of marijuana.” Oh relax, that’s just the vocals kicking in. Where’d the DJ go? Wait, the fuck is going on? Why are the visuals now the Pac-Man game? Ohhhh, I see now. The DJ has casually thrown on a Pac-Man suit. Continue reading


‘What issue of private property? It’s empty!’ Stigmatization and self-image of squatters in Amsterdam


By Zuzana Žurkinová

Before coming to Amsterdam for my Erasmus Programme, in search of accommodation and seeing the rent rates, I googled ‘squatting in Amsterdam’. Nothing intelligible popped up. I came across anti-squat agencies as well, but again I could not make much out of it; eventually I gave up. Once in Amsterdam, I had this urge to find out what it is all about, but I did not know how. Early on I met a girl, Sabrina, and we soon found we had common interests; she told me about this place – Joe’s Garage – where she was planning to help out cooking vegan dinners. Sounds good, I thought. She sent me a link where I signed up as volunteer. I did not hear back from them for quite some time, so I decided to stop by on a Wednesday, which their program described as ‘Lonely Collective Day’. The board outside the place said ‘free coffee and tea’. I entered and there was no one in, except the ‘bartender’. I wanted to start a conversation, but did not know how. Eventually I asked him what one of the posters said (‘Kraakspreekuur Oost’). He answered:

‘Kraken means squatting. This is an illegal squat. You could be arrested for being here.

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